Hi everyone!
I am Sinem from Turkey the brother country.
Why I DEFINITELY want to visit Korea? Well... My journey has started ten years ago. Can you believe it? TEN YEARS! It was like to learn a new world for me at the beginning. Now, Korea is my world. Actually all of my life is about Korea right now. After ten years, I never tired of loving Korea. I waited a little miracle to go my dreamland. But, it didn’t happen and i couldn’t go to my dream travel.
I am a patient girl. So, I believe that I will do it someday. I am not sure about when it will happen, but i am definetly sure it is my destiny. Some people are born with some purpose. Being rich or advance in career... Mine is loving Korea, UNCONDITIONALLY.
In my country people know one thing about Korea. Korea is our brother country. Two countries that so far from each other. Still, their hearts are one. This always makes me proud.
I want to feel Korea air before i die. It is my first thing in my bucket list. I know words are magical. They can make my dream real.Maybe, you would say i am not qualified to win Korea trip. Maybe... Yes, it may will happen. But whatever... I will never stop to wait my miracle. I can’t escape from my destiny. That’s why i DEFINITELY  want to visit Korea.  I will continiue to believe my serenity of serendipity.

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